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Detailed programme

Exploring new business opportunities – the entrepreneurial way

Module 1: Exploring new business opportunities – the entrepreneurial way

How do you identify ideas for new products or services?
What tools and technologies can you use to scan the environment for new ideas?
How do you listen to your customers? How to get inside the customer’s head?
Should you rethink your value proposition?

Module 2: Business model thinking

What are the building blocks of a business model?
How do you develop a new business model?
How can you use business model thinking as a source of new opportunities?

What can you learn from new and disruptive business models?
How do you evaluate the potential and feasibility of a business opportunity model?

How do you test a business model in the market?

Module 3: Nailing your elevator pitch
How can you sell your idea to others?
How do you deliver an excellent elevator pitch?

Module 4: Implementing and Selling New Business Opportunities
How do you identify and manage risk throughout the implementation process?
How do you plan for implementation?

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