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Dealer network Management

We help companies (print, Ink, Media, finishing manufacturers ) build  their business faster than their competitors, through channel partners!

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Building your manufacturing channel partner

Golden rules and solutions  for successful Channel Management we can implement with you.

The Most Heard Complaints About Distributors  They don’t execute our business planning strategy  They are not performing well  They always want exclusivity  They are not spending enough time on our products  They always try to renegotiate prices  They create channel conflicts  They need too many times too much of our support  And many more…

Why Channel ‘Business Planning’ matters  More depth in your partner sales meetings  Better prioritization of your activities and support  More realistic and better accepted targets  Higher probability of completion, execution of the plan  Higher achievable targets.



One Of The Toughest Calls… Changing Channels


One Of The Toughest Calls… Changing Channels  Similar Market conditions?  Copy/paste of successful concepts?  Wait until current channel strategy fails?  Point of no return?  Impact on still successful channel?  Ready, Able to implement change?  Pioneers’ reactions?  Revenue gap during transition? requires strong leadership

Your Business Partner Profiling Checklist  Coverage (geography, demography, segmentation, …)  Market & customer intimacy  Size (sales & service staff, infrastructure)  Financials (revenue, cash,…)  Portfolio (product categories, competitive offerings,…)  Brands represented (competition products, …)  Strategy (positioning, target segments, roadmap, marcom, …)  Business plan (intentions with your portfolio)  Reputation (customer feedback)  Skills (technical, application, language …)  Access to DMU’s (key opinion leaders, …)  Motivation, willingness.

Top 10 Mistakes with Distributor Agreements 1. Giving away too much too fast 2. Termination for cause only 3. No annual termination and semiautomatic renewal 4. Exclusive or non-exclusive 5. The frequency of price changes 6. Termination by one party only 7. Frequency of amendments 8. What happens after termination 9. No comparison with proven industry agreements 10. Leaving the negotiation process strictly to attorneys.

Some Great Dealer Channel Management Quotes 

“It is not about the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog” (Mark Twain)

Print channel management

Print channel management

 “If the distributor is not interested, it’s maybe because you are not interesting”

channel partner team

Print channel partner teamwork audit

We make sure your company will always be very Interesting 🙂





At Rebootmoments Product and service division we are a looking for business partners in all EMEA.

Become a Reseller Today! And enjoy Google clicks fast growing new revenue!

Rebootmoments connected print (RCP) offers exponential growth opportunities, and partnering with RCP lets you represent one of the most  easy and innovative connected print services that add value to print by engaging the mobile consumer in his purchasing journey on all the online channels.


openings in all EMEA

Giving to your print customer a better cross media exposure and a measurable ROMI (Return On Marketing Investments) our service will:

  • Drive revenue and profit to new heights selling in markets you already know
  • Participate in the hyper-growth market of online advertising.
  • Increase business with existing customers while attracting new clients
  • Reach new markets with multiple revenue and profit opportunities
  • aristotle-online-advertising-print2

    Participate in the hyper-growth market of online advertising.

    Win business with the most innovative, yet simple to sell and produce service.

Rebootmoments offers a world-class reseller program that offers you the products, services, training and support to succeed.  As a Rebootmoments reseller, you have access to technical expertise, sales support and management, marketing materials to maximize your revenue and profit.


Rebootmoments selects resellers based on their commitment, willingness to seize the opportunities in the connected print market, and ability to promote, aggressively sell, and provide support for Rebootmoments products and services.  We seek partners that will extend our existing markets and enter key new printing and advertising markets.

To learn more, complete the contact us form at the top of this page, stating Reseller inquiry.

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