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Selling on value workshop

Sales Training Workshops


(video from a great colleague Victor from Atlanta USA)

REBOOTMOMENTS provides sales training programs for sales, sales management, customer service & other sales support personnel, and business professionals such as owners and top executives. Selling skills are critical to everyone involved in the sales process, and REBOOTMOMENTS offers a variety of sales training workshops for every level of sales experience – from basic workshops for the sales novice to more advanced skill training for the seasoned sales professional. REBOOTMOMENTS clients choose from various training delivery methods; including Sales Coaching, instructor-led or a combination of the two.

Our sales training programs ensure that your sales professionals have the selling skills and tools needed to strengthen customer relationships and exceed their sales objectives.

One tip you can take away today and improve your selling skill immediately: Effective listening skills- More in our training.

Once we customize a sales training workshop for you, we’ll send one of our senior instructors – all of whom are former sales professionals and managers from major corporations – to your office for on-site training.

The REBOOTMOMENTS Sales Training Customization Process

REBOOT MOMENTs sales training programs are customized through a 3-step process to ensure that you and your sales team get the most out of the workshop:

Prior to the Workshop – We meet with you in advance and conduct one or more of the following: interviews, focus groups, and needs analysis.

During the Workshop – Rather than teach through lecture, we engage workshop participants with our practical, pragmatic teaching style. Our instructors, who all have sales experience, focus on real life role-play and active discussion. We even provide planning tools to all participants so that they can apply what they have learned to use in their day-to-day activities.

After the Workshop – To ensure that your sales force retains and applies the information they learn, we offer follow-up sales coaching and reinforcement services. All workshop participants receive free email reinforcement kits. Other reinforcement services are offered in-person or for your own self study, such as our sales coaching kits.

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