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LMOONS and Marketing

Lucien Moons CEO

We grow companies (Print, Ink, Media, finishing manufacturers Graphic dealers and printers) and drive their business faster than their competitors. We have 20 years experience in channel partner business development, management, motivation. The question that need first to be answered when developing your business, in Europe as example, is to define what model will work best? What will be the value chain that will attract the best channel partners and the most profitable customers? We have a well established methodology that can answer your questions on what you should innovate in your business model, to grow it profitably.We are based in Brussels Belgium at the heart of the EMEA region we serve.

channel development

Business Development

For Print, Ink, Media, finishing manufacturers: Rebootmoments is a brand of WinWinMarketing-Kimbyco SA

We grow your company and drive your business faster than your competitors,with innovative channel management programs. Prior to develop these innovative channels we will craft them in Business Models that work, and Value Propositions that sell, using the Rebootmoments workshops. (we are certified on strategyser Business model methodology). The Value Proposition Canvas helps you tackle a core challenge of your business — creating compelling products and services customers want to buy.


Business Innovation helps develop your business.


We have 20+ years experience in channel partner business model development, management, and motivation.

For printers we deliver the road map and the keys to innovate your business and grow faster than your competitors. We use coaching and the Innovation business model canvas methodology to “connect” your prints


reference strategyser

22000 Users of “strategyzers” in the world like… c





Rebootmoments is a brand of WinWinMarketing-Kimbyco SA

Is your business growing faster than your competitors?

If yes skip this text ! If not, consider implementing a innovation business model process and win new profitable business, every year.

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