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Bright Pixel partners with Startup Braga Accelerator ahead of Feb program

Bright Pixel partners with Startup Braga Accelerator ahead of Feb program


Bright Pixel joins the Startup Braga Accelerator in a strategic partnership ahead of the fifth edition of the program beginning in February.

The fifth edition of the four-month Startup Braga Accelerator program starts February 8, and Bright Pixel will join as part of the jury, with an active role in the process of selecting the best projects, both at during the early stages of the program and at the end where they evaluate the startups.

startup braga accelerator
Carlos Oliveira

“With the establishment of this partnership, Startup Braga reinforces its network of partners and mentors — a network that is critical to supporting startups and a precious contribution to [help] make the acceleration program a true driver of talent and knowledge,” said Carlos Oliveira, President at Startup Braga.

Bright Pixel will provide mentorship to the startup teams, including monitoring the evolution and development of each of the projects.

With this partnership, Bright Pixel – which has several means at its disposal for investing in startups – will work with Startup Braga to promote the investment and support of technological entrepreneurship at the national level, and in particular the talent born from Braga, to be brought to the global stage.

Alexandre Santos

“We have as philosophy to network and in partner with entities that share the same philosophy and approach that we have in support of the launch of new technological projects in the market,” said Alexandre Santos, Co-Founder and CIO at Bright Pixel.

“This is why, starting now, I am particularly proud to be able to work with Startup Braga – a referential entity that in recent years has shown the ability to accelerate and incubate Braga’s high-value projects to the world. We are convinced that together we can better support the projects that will be born from this new edition of the program.”

Bright Pixel will also announce the winners on Startup Braga’s Acceleration Program Demo Day, which carries a minimum prize of 50,000 euros of investment in one or more startups that stand out during the program, with the aim of enhancing their participation and boosting their growth.

The fifth edition of the Startup Braga Acceleration Program will begin on February 8, 2018, with a kick-off event. It is based on the motivation to generate opportunities and provide conditions for talented entrepreneurs to create technological startups in the areas Digital, MedTech and Nanotechnology.

The ambition is aimed at continuing and strengthening the Portuguese entrepreneurial ecosystem, as well as providing its connection to the international business community.

Just this week, a new multilingual, orientation app to help foreigners find what they need was launched in Braga by BSB – Smart & Bright Ideas.

Read More: Braga startup launches multilingual app to help foreigners find what they need

The app was praised by Braga City Council Vice-President Firmino Marques as being “an extraordinary tool for those who come to Braga in search of better living conditions and fulfill their dreams.”

The post Bright Pixel partners with Startup Braga Accelerator ahead of Feb program appeared first on Portugal Startups.

portugal start up

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January 19, 2018 at 07:05PM

How to do influencer marketing for your marketplace platform


This is a guest post by Michael Quoc, founder and CEO at Dealspotr, and former Director of Product Management for Yahoo’s Media Lab. Michael regularly writes on tech, e-commerce and marketing. You can follow him on Twitter.

If you haven’t heard of influencer marketing yet, chances are you will this year. This way of marketing, typically promoting a brand or service through a person with a large following on social media, YouTube, or a blogging platform, has increased dramatically in the past year. According to a Tomoson survey, 59% of businesses surveyed said they were going to increase their influencer marketing budget in the upcoming year.

However, influencer marketing seems to come easier for certain types of companies. It’s clearly easier for business-to-consumer brands with a physical product than it is for business-to-business software providers, for instance.

But what if your company doesn’t have a physical product, or even a proprietary service? What if you’re the intermediary that connects the consumer with the actual provider—an online marketplace, in other words? Companies like Airbnb, EatWith, Storefront, TaskRabbit, and more that have exploded with the gig economy. These marketplaces serve as an extremely valuable middleman, connecting end users with providers (who are also users themselves).

The end users and service providers on these platforms are ever-changing—the only constant is the platform itself. But platforms aren’t exactly exciting fodder for social media, so how can these marketplaces partner with influencers?

Just like other companies do: by showing their customers that their marketplace brand is trusted, beloved, and recommended by the popular influencers they know and love.

Can influencer marketing really work for marketplace platforms?

It may seem tricky, but the answer is: absolutely. Just take a look at how Airbnb did it.

When Mariah Carey rented an Airbnb in Israel, the company seized the opportunity to make the most of their first celebrity booking. They gave her the reservation for free in return for a sponsored post that racked up nearly 45,000 likes.

Influencer Marketing for Online Marketplaces - Mariah Cary & Airbnb
Mariah Carey doing influencer marketing for Airbnb.

Since then, Airbnb has offered free reservations to countless celebrities in return for sponsored shoutouts. Lady Gaga’s Instagram post about her Houston stay for the Super Bowl earned over 500,000 likes and news coverage in publications like BuzzFeed and Vanity Fair.

Lady Gaga doing influencer marketing for Airbnb
Lady Gaga doing influencer marketing for Airbnb

Airbnb’s approach to influencer marketing is targeted and specific. Reach is clearly their main goal, which is why they’ve used celebrities instead of micro-influencers (those with a total reach between 5,000 and 200,000) or even macro-influencers (200,000 – 1 million). And because celebrities are the ones using the service, the locales end up being the highest-end of the high-end rather than your everyday Airbnb.

Airbnb has made a calculated bet that showing these elite stays will attract people across the social class spectrum, from the uber-rich to middle-class iPhone owners. Either way, these are people who can afford Airbnb stays. And no matter your status, everyone strives to emulate the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

That bet is paying off. According to Mediakix, Airbnb partnered with 37 big-name celebrities between 2015 and 2017. During that time, those posts received over 18 million likes and 500,000 comments with a 4% engagement rate.

How to make influencer marketing work for your online marketplace

Feeling intimidated by the celebrity status of some of these brands’ influencer marketing campaigns? Not to worry. Here are five ways to make influencer marketing work for your marketplace app or website, no matter the size.

1. Harness the power of micro-influencers in your niche

Before you run your first influencer marketing campaign, you’ll have to make sure you’ve done some work on your end. For example, you’ll need to decide what types of influencers you’ll be working with, and in what niche.

Sure, there are marketplace platforms that appeal to people from all walks of life (think Airbnb, TaskRabbit, Rover). This universality gives them freedom in who they choose for their influencers. As long as the influencer has an engaged following and doesn’t do anything out of line with your brand values, you can probably partner up with them, regardless of their niche.

But for many, your platform fits within a specific niche. And you might not have the budget to work with the top Instagram account in that niche. The good news is, you don’t have to. Micro-influencers, with less than 200,000 total reach, actually convert better than a big name celebrity. Take these statistics from Influence.co:

Influencer marketing for online marketplace: Instagram Influencers - Average engagement rate
Instagram Influencers – Average engagement rate

Influencers with less followers tend to have way higher engagement rates than those with huge followings. So, working with a group of micro-influencers in your niche might be the best bet when approaching your first influencer marketing campaign.

In fact, sometimes your influencer doesn’t even have to be a person, as pet-sitting marketplace Rover.com demonstrates. They work with micro- and micro-influencers alike; the only requirement is that they care about pets. Collaborations include Melissa of SkirtedFancy, an established fashion micro-influencer with 75K followers, as well as micro-influencer Hamilton Barkley, one of the #DogsOfInstagram who boasts just under 10K followers.

Influencer marketing for your marketplace platform: Example of Instagram influencer marketing
Example of Instagram influencer marketing
Influencer marketing for your marketplace platform: Example of Instagram influencer marketing
Even dogs can do Instagram influencer marketing

You’ll notice that both of these posts speak to Rover’s main selling points: users want the best for their dog, and they never want to have to worry about leaving them in someone else’s hands.

2. Host meetups for your power users.

Need help finding these niche-centric influencers in the first place? Mine your database to find your power users—whether they’re providers or end users—and invite them to a special VIP event.

Yelp pioneered this strategy long ago with their Yelp Elite Squad. They regularly host private parties in their top metros for Yelp Elite members. This cements their loyalty to the platform and keeps them generating reviews—the bread and butter of the website. Thanks to their reviews, these “Elite” members became the movers and shakers of the food scene in their local towns.

Influencer Marketing for Online Marketplaces - Yelp's Elite Squad
Yelp’s Elite Squad

3. Position influencers as the prize.

Many marketplace platforms are ultimately about connecting people. EatWith helps you find home dinner parties to join when you’re traveling while Rover helps you find a pet-sitter you can trust.

If you have the budget to work with bigger influencers, why not make them a temporary service provider for a special contest or promotional campaign? For example, EatWith could host a giveaway to eat lunch with a prominent food blogger, while a lucky winner on Rover could have their dog cared for by a local lifestyle Instagrammer or famous dog trainer. Depending on your influencer’s niche, they just need to have an engaged audience that’s large enough to make the contest hashtag go viral.

When Chelsea Handler listed her home on Airbnb for her Netflix talk show, it was a hugely popular segment. One of the videos has over 55,000 views on YouTube to date.

Influencer Marketing for Online Marketplaces - Chelsea Handler & Netflix
Staying at Chelsea Handler was the prize for Netflix’s campaign.

4. Connect with influencers at events.

A similar approach would be to use influencers at events to draw fans and customers your way like bees to honey.

In 2014, Airbnb hosted a Instagram contest where users got a chance to win a free trip to SXSW to party with Snoop Dogg in Austin. The contest drew nearly 400 entries.

Influencer marketing for your marketplace platform: Example of Instagram influencer marketing
Entries to Airbnb’s Instagram campaign.

If you’re exhibiting at a tradeshow, connect with local influencers to sign autographs at your booth. If you’re sponsoring an event or festival, host interviews with VIP attendees at your booth. The key is to find ways to introduce fans to meet their favorite influencers in person, all thanks to your benevolent brand.

5. Enter the blogosphere.

Companies like Blue Apron were able to stand out in a crowded space thanks to a little help from bloggers. They worked with bloggers in their niche to create a ton of sponsored content, which was shared almost virally, and gave each blogger their own unique promo code for their readers. The strategy is solid, whether you’re pushing a physical item like a meal kit or an online marketplace.

Find top bloggers and ask them to write about your business. You may choose to work with people in related industries (e.g. Airbnb could go after travel bloggers, while Rover could work with both dog and travel bloggers). Or you can work with lifestyle bloggers; their blogs tend to run the gamut of topics.

For instance, travel and mommy bloggers Travel Mamas did an in-depth post reviewing Rover.com and answering their readers’ frequently asked questions about the service.

Influencer Marketing for Online Marketplaces - Rover & Travel Mama's
Rover & Travel Mamas’ collaboration.

Likewise, the travel bloggers behind Gemini Connect wrote up a comprehensive review of Airbnb.

Influencer Marketing for Online Marketplaces - Gemini Connect's review of Airbnb
Gemini Connect’s review of Airbnb

Both posts included affiliate links so people could save on their first booking from Rover or Airbnb. If you use this strategy, make sure you offer something (like a discount or free trial) that the influencer can pass on to their fans. It will drive more engagement for the post, and more conversions for you.

You should also try to keep up the relationship with your influencer as long as you can. A long-time supporter is likely to grab more fans over time, and turn them on to your product.


Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what kind of company you are. The strategy may be slightly different if you’re a marketplace, but influencer marketing drives big wins for companies of all types.

Discover the influencers among your power users. Connect with them in the real world, and introduce them to fans, a.k.a. your newest customers. Work with bloggers, Instagrammers, YouTubers, and more. Make influencer marketing work for your marketplace.

This article How to do influencer marketing for your marketplace platform was published first on Marketplace Academy.

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Le grand n’importe quoi de l’obsolescence programmée


Il faudrait peut-être commencer à arrêter de dire n’importe quoi sur l’obsolescence programmée ! C’est évidemment la polémique autour du cas Apple qui me fait revenir sur ce qu’est l’ l’obsolescence programmée. Et ça m’énerve profondément car on entend vraiment n’importe quoi en ce moment ! J’en veux pour preuve l’article de Numerama sur l’analyse de la séance de Quotidien. http://ift.tt/2mkmg8S Le sujet est très complexe et les médias n’y comprennent pas grand chose. Définissons ensemble ce qu’est l’obsolescence programmée. C’est lorsqu’un constructeur de façon délibérée soit par une approche software soit par une approche hardware décide de dégrader ou de limiter le fonctionnement de ses produits. Parlons d’Apple qui a défrayé la chronique. Le rappel des faits est simple, un des représentants d’Apple a dit ouvertement : oui nous dégradons les performances de certains de nos produits pour assurer une meilleure expérience utilisateur. Apple met à jour ses logiciels de façon permanente ne serait ce que pour des notions de sécurité. Le logiciel progresse dans un hardware physique et figé à un instant donné. Ce logiciel est gourmand en capacité de mémoire, d’énergie, de batterie et peut arriver à épuiser le fonctionnement hardware. Pour faire simple, je pense qu’Apple a eu tort dans cette affaire. Apple aurait dû en parler. Mais, je ne pense pas qu’il s’agisse d’un cas d’obsolescence programmée. On s’en offusque toutefois à géométrie variable. Par exemple dans le secteur automobile, l’état organise l’obsolescence programmée du parc automobile. Et personne ne s’en offusque. De même lorsque la SNCF fait rouler des trains qui ne sont pas des TGV, personne n’est étonné. La différence, bien sûr, c’est la fraude ou le fait de tromper le client. Il y a bien eu un acte maladroit de la part d’Apple mais nous ne sommes pas dans un cas d’obsolescence programmée. Il y a d’ailleurs un procès en cours auprès d’Epson sur le fait que ces cartouches d’encre semblent sécher plus vite que la moyenne… En conclusion, avant de mettre les gens au bûcher, il faudrait prendre quelques précautions et savoir de quoi on parle !

January 19, 2018 at 08:22AM https://youtube.com/playlist?list=UU-0yfdIcyaOgjGg8NCz6EUQ

Portugal Startups has Spanish counterpart in Novobrief thanks to acquisition by Espacio

Portugal Startups has Spanish counterpart in Novobrief thanks to acquisition by Espacio


Portugal Startups’ parent company, Espacio, today announces the acquisition of Novobrief, an English-language news publication dedicated to the Spanish startup ecosystem.

Novobrief was founded in 2014 by Jaime Novoa to introduce Spain’s startup scene to the world. The publication is focused on featuring stories of up-and-coming entrepreneurs and interviews with exciting startups that are prospering in their markets, and to provide insight into Spain’s conditions for establishing new businesses.

startups spanish novobrief espacio

Conrad Egusa

Novoa has been a startup ecosystem builder, responsible for driving awareness and growth for startups. He is an investor at the K FUND, which is an early stage Venture Capital firm that aims to fuel the evolution of the Spanish startup ecosystem. Prior to this Novoa had worked at Tech.eu, Startupexplore, and Weblogs SL.

“We are thrilled to be working with Novobrief and to continue the legacy that its founder Jaime created,” said Espacio CEO Conrad Egusa. Conrad Egusa is a former VentureBeat writer and is a Global Mentor at 500 Startups, and founded Espacio with Eddie Arrieta.

startups spanish novobrief espacio

Eddie Arrieta

“We are happy to see Novobrief.com joining Espacio. Their team will bring an extra layer of capacity, expertise and exposure that will take Spain’s startup scene even further,” says Novobrief founder Jaime Novoa.

“We have noticed a promising increase in interesting ideas and technology in Spain, reflected in the amount of activity there,” says Egusa. “At Espacio we will work to make sure this is mirrored in the media coverage – something Novobrief was created to do – and something we will continue.”

startups spanish novobrief espacio

Jaime Novoa

Recovering from an economic downturn, Spain has since been thriving in the world’s entrepreneurial scene. Improved funding and support systems are helping cutting-edge ventures get started. A new generation of entrepreneurs are working on turning ideas into commercially-viable enterprises.

Upcoming investments into Novobrief.com include an expansion of its editorial newsroom, investments into video, and a series of events in 2018.

“As more eyes look to Spain as a strategic tech hub, we are excited to continue this mission of sharing Spain’s own inspiring stories of growth and exploration in the startup sector,” said Egusa.

The post Portugal Startups has Spanish counterpart in Novobrief thanks to acquisition by Espacio appeared first on Portugal Startups.

portugal start up

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January 18, 2018 at 04:30PM

Braga startup launches multilingual app to help foreigners find what they need

Braga startup launches multilingual app to help foreigners find what they need


Foreigners looking to get acquainted with Portugal’s Northwest city of Braga can now download an orientation app available in five languages.

International citizens who are looking to live, work, invest, or simply visit the city of Braga, can now use the BragaINTEGRA app to orient themselves in their new surroundings, according to Vila Verde.

Developed by Braga-based startup, BSB – Smart & Bright Ideas, the app for iOS and Android serves to answer common questions such as, “What public services should I go to?” “Where are they located?” and “What documents do I need?”

These and other questions can be answered through the app, so that the user always knows what to do and avoid problems, be they bureaucratic, legal, or other.

braga startup multilingual app
Firmino Marques

“This is an extraordinary tool for those who come to Braga in search of better living conditions and fulfill their dreams,” said Braga City Council Vice-President Firmino Marques.

“This is an innovative project, unique in the national context, and an instrument of communication that eases the lives of those who seek answers but don’t know how to obtain them or where to go,” he added.

Available in Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and Ukrainian, the BragaENTREGA app, in Marques’ words, “allows the user to know more information about the city such as health services, educational institutions, heritage, public transport , news, events, among other services.”

Founded by Carlos BragaAdolfo Ferreira, and João António Pires de Carvalho
BSB – Smart & Bright Ideas bills itself as having the best internet solutions for small, medium and large companies by always offering a smart and economic proposal to its customers while creating and/or reinforcing their presence on the Web.

braga startup multilingual app
braga startup multilingual app
braga startup multilingual app

“We are talking about an experience of personalized service, which is constantly updated and directly linked to municipal services. This application allows the assistance, monitoring and integration of immigrants, and can be used by tourists, as it contains various information that helps them to know the city and its dynamics, ” added Marques.

The post Braga startup launches multilingual app to help foreigners find what they need appeared first on Portugal Startups.

portugal start up

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January 17, 2018 at 04:55PM

Russia wallcovering manufacturer Arteks cuts ink waste and assures quality


Arteks, a major Russian wallcovering manufacturer, has installed a Colorsat Compact High ink dispensing system from GSE Dispensing, in order to ensure repeatable quality, instant availability of water-based gravure colours in high volumes, and minimised waste at its new, rapidly expanding St. Petersburg plant. The installation is GSE’s 100th in Russia.

January 17, 2018 at 01:07PM http://ift.tt/2qS4zBb

L’avenir du retail : plus de magasins ? 🤔


L’avenir du retail, passe-t-il par l’augmentation du nombre de magasins ? Aujourd’hui, on va parler des retailers. Ces marques s’appuient sur des réseaux de magasins pour vendre leurs produits auprès des consommateurs. Mais, ils ne savent plus sur quel pied dansé. Ils veulent enrayer la chute de la fréquentation de leurs magasins qu’ils attribuent à internet. Pour cela, la majorité des retailers se mettent à ouvrir de plus en plus de magasins. Une étude de la Harvard Business Review vient de révéler que les 37 plus gros retailers dans le monde ouvrent de plus en plus de magasins mais que leurs chiffres d’affaires stagnent. C’est ce qu’on appelle le rendement décroissant. C’est à dire que les coûts générés par l’ouverture de nouveaux magasins ne fait pas progresser le chiffre d’affaires. Les nouveaux magasins sont trop près les uns des autres et se cannibalisent. De l’autre côté, les players du e-commerce qui n’ont pas de boutiques se mettent frénétiquement à racheter des réseaux de magasins. Aux Etats-Unis, c’est Amazon qui rachète Whole Foods, en France, c’est Spartoo qui rachète André. Mais ils ne rachètent pas seulement une marque, ce qu’ils achètent surtout c’est des points de contact et un maillage territorial. Et c’est bien le paradoxe car le e-commerce ne représente que 10 % du business mondial. 90% du business est fait offline mais la croissance du online est rapide et exponentielle. Pour autant lorsqu’on n’a absolument pas de magasins et qu’on est un e-commerçant, on atteint aussi des formes de plafonds. Il faut donc réussir à faire un mixte online et offline. C’est là, le véritable enjeu pour les commerçants ! Il faut certes avoir une présence commerçante online, mais il faut également regarder la territorialité de ses magasins et il faut se poser des questions sur quelles enseignes je dois garder ou fermer et pour ceux qui restent ouverts comment j’augmente l’expérience client. J’espère que cette étude pourra vous donner quelques pistes à explorer !

January 17, 2018 at 08:21AM https://youtube.com/playlist?list=UU-0yfdIcyaOgjGg8NCz6EUQ

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