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Portugal eHealth Summit returns to Lisbon with 45 startups, 200 speakers

Portugal eHealth Summit returns to Lisbon with 45 startups, 200 speakers


The second edition of the Portugal eHealth Summit takes place March 20 — 23 at the Altice Arena and at the PT Meeting Center in Lisbon.

The biggest event for the digital transformation in healthcare ever held in Portugal returns to Lisbon next week and invites health professionals and startups to participate in the event that aims to promote best practices in the eHealth area.

The 2018 Portugal eHealth Summit aims to stimulate forums, debates and conferences while leveraging Portugal’s strategic positioning in eHealth.

During three days, the organization also organizes 14 workshops on topics such as: “The role of caregivers in quality, efficiency and innovation in healthcare,” “Strategic Communication in crisis situations in healthcare,” “Negotiation and Partnerships for Innovation.”

Some 200 speakers will analyze issues such as Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence & Data, Communication, and Social Innovation.

In addition to health professionals, the organization also invites companies and startups in the technology sector, along with academics and public administration bodies to participate in the event.

Portugal eHealth Summit will count on 61 sessions and 90 exhibitors from health entities, technological and pharmaceutical companies and consultants, and some 45 startups, according to News Farma.

This summit aims to leverage the country’s strategic positioning on a global scale, so that Portugal remains at the forefront of debureaucratization, simplification, dematerialization and commitment to digitizing the health sector.

The Portugal eHealth Summit is promoted by the Ministry of Health through SPMS, EPE, and SNS.

In 2017, it was the largest initiative on digital transformation in the health sector in the country.

Last year, the Portugal eHealth Summit had 10,000 participants and 6,000 watching the live stream.

Over the three days, the meeting bet on a dynamic model, with continuous and parallel sessions, totaling three keynotes, 26 presentations and 60 debates centered on the various eHealth segments.

Registration for this year’s event is mandatory. Startups can also register, and should contact the organization, for further clarification, via ehealthsummit@spms.min-saude.pt.

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March 16, 2018 at 06:12PM

Je déteste les gens débordés !  😤


J’ai pas le temps, je suis charrette, trop de trucs à faire…. c’est des choses qu’on entend à longueur de journée. Le problème avec les gens débordés, c’est que non seulement ils sont rarement plus performants que les autres mais qu’en plus, ils le font tellement savoir que ça cache quelque chose.

March 16, 2018 at 08:03AM https://youtube.com/playlist?list=UU-0yfdIcyaOgjGg8NCz6EUQ

The €55M Portugal Social Innovation Fund is ‘paradigm changing’

The €55M Portugal Social Innovation Fund is ‘paradigm changing’


Portugal’s Council of Ministers approves €55 million for the creation of a “paradigm changing” Social Innovation Fund to help finance startups and entrepreneurs.

The Social Innovation Fund (FIS) will finance initiatives of entrepreneurship and social innovation, within the framework of the Portugal Social Innovation Initiative.

Slated to be available in the third quarter of 2018, the FIS will receive €55 million of funds from both the European Social Fund and the State Budget, with only 15% coming out of the State Budget.

The Portugal Social Innovation Fund will operate in two areas, debt and equity.

The debt side will support guarantees for loans that “will allow more favorable financing conditions” for organizations that apply, according to Alameida.

The equity part is intended for capital and quasi-equity co-investment of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in conjunction with private investors.

portugal social innovation fund
Filipe Almeida

Filipe Almeida, president of Portugal Inovação Social, told Diário de Notícias that this is a pioneering fund, since in Europe there are no similar ones guaranteed by the European Social Fund, and that it will “change the paradigm of social projects.”

Almeida went on to say that the FIS will be the only financial instrument available to the social economy that “supports projects through repayable grants” developed by organizations that already have potential for growth and internationalization.

The Portugal Social Innovation Fund fulfills three financing programs of the Portugal Social Innovation Initiative, which are already available and are designed for projects that have a greater maturity, growth potential and internationalization and financial sustainability.

The three financing programs of the Portugal Social Innovation Initiative include:

  • Training for Social Investment – which aims to support organizations internally, in training or other skills, to improve their level of response to social problems.
  • Impact Partnerships – which has already closed a competition with 35 ongoing projects, in an investment of 10 million euros, seven of which are from Portugal 2020.
  • Social Impact Bonds – which aim to finance projects with measurable social results.

The FIS is one of the four financial instruments available under the Portugal 2020 program and integrated in the Portugal Social Innovation Initiative.

The Portugal 2020 Partnership Agreement set out the background for a general, multiannual budget for research and innovation policy, encompassing national and European funding sources.

Portugal 2020 encompasses four thematic Operational Programmes (Competitiveness and Internationalisation; Social Inclusion and Employment; Human Capital; Resource Efficiency and Sustainability) and seven regional Operational Programmes (OPs).

The projects financed by the Portugal Social Innovation Fund will be Initiatives of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIES), which present innovative responses to social problems, as opposed to traditional answers.

These include products and services that stand out for their potential social impact and for their  financial sustainability.

The projects to be submitted by the companies will be validated by the Portugal Social Innovation Initiative.

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March 15, 2018 at 05:48PM

JNation: Coimbra to host Google, Amazon, Oracle at 1st Java conference in Portugal

JNation: Coimbra to host Google, Amazon, Oracle at 1st Java conference in Portugal


Portugal’s first Java conference, JNation, will take place June 19 in Coimbra with speakers from Google, Amazon, and Oracle.

JNation, the international technology conference dedicated to the Java programming language and associated technologies, comes to Coimbra June 19 where representatives from Google, Amazon, and Oracle will be presenting.

Taking place at the Convento de São Francisco in Coimbra, JNation attendees will be able to learn more about Java from some of the biggest tech companies in the world.

Ticket prices for JNation range from €30 to €75, with student discounts and a promotional price running through the end of April.

The purpose of JNation is to give programmers and participating companies access to the latest developments and trends for the future of this area of ​​software engineering.

Several speakers from the top tech companies are already guaranteed including Ray Tsang from Google; Vinicius Senger from Amazon Web Services, David Delabassée from Oracle, Nicolas Frankel from SAP Hybris, and Juergen Hoeller, Co-Founder and project leader at the Spring Framework.

Coimbra has dozens of companies and more than a thousand software engineers working in this area, which makes the city an appropriate venue to host this event and position itself as a keystone in the world of international technological conferences.

Read More: Coimbra drone startup Twevo to receive funding from Horizon 2020, European Commission

Coimbra-based drone startup Twevo was one of just 10 Portuguese companies that received funding from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program, and last December digital health startup Coimbra Genomics raised 2.4 million euros.

Read More: Coimbra Genomics raises 2.4M euros to expand patient genome platform

The conference is an initiative organized by the Coimbra Java User Group (JUG) in partnership with alphaCoimbra – a non-profit association made up of entrepreneurs with the objective of implementing activities that make Coimbra one of the most innovative and vibrant medium-sized cities in Europe.

Java technology is the most popular programming language in the world and used by more than 10 million professionals, according to the Tiobe index.

Java is the platform of choice to solve the most diverse challenges in supercomputers, integrated systems, cloud computing, and the Internet of things. The platform is used in industries such as banking, health, energy, and transport, among many others.

The realization of JNation in Coimbra is a result of the dynamism and interest that the local Java community has demonstrated during the activities of Coimbra JUG, a group with more than 400 users that has promoted lectures where guest speakers present the latest news, professional experiences and best practices in the software industry.

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March 14, 2018 at 05:36PM

La différence entre performance et croissance


Ça sert à quoi d’être performant, si ça ne crée pas de croissance ! Tous les dirigeants n’ont qu’un seul mot à la bouche : la performance ! Il faut augmenter la performance des équipes, etc… Mais la performance mène-t-elle toujours à la croissance ?

March 14, 2018 at 08:28AM https://youtube.com/playlist?list=UU-0yfdIcyaOgjGg8NCz6EUQ

Porto Tech Hub Conference to focus on ‘jobs and tech of the future’ in May

Porto Tech Hub Conference to focus on ‘jobs and tech of the future’ in May


The fourth edition of the Porto Tech Hub Conference will return May 18 with the theme: “the jobs and technologies of the future.”

Taking place at the Alfândega Porto Congress Centre the Porto Tech Hub Conference intends, once again, to place the city of Porto on the map of innovation and technological evolution.

Its mission is to stimulate the technological potential of the invested city, not only in human resources, but also to attract and welcome companies and talents in this sector.

The association promotes a variety of initiatives and events throughout the year, designed to explore how technology can be used to develop individuals, businesses an the wider community in Porto. The highlight of the calendar is the Porto Tech Hub conference.

This year’s edition will bring together several speakers from national and international technology companies.

The Porto Tech Hub Association is a product of a joint initiative by BLIP, Farfetch and CRITICAL Software — three reference companies from the region and the country.

Previous editions of the Porto Tech Hub Conference saw contributions from Google, Spotify, Microsoft, and e-Bay, among many others.

The first edition of the Porto Tech Hub Conference in 2015 was set over two days with great talks and great people.

It was all about showing how powerful this city is, and how technology has merged with great minds and great ideas. Its focus was to show how Porto and Portugal were developing and emerging as one of the best places to work in the world.

As a group of tech companies it:

  • Ensured Porto as the hub for excellence and innovation
  • Believed that people are a unique source of talent, creativity and passion
  • Nurtured each of its talents through a strong community that share ideas
  • Showcased state-of-the-art technologies embedded in its genetic code
  • Demonstrated that we live in a place where technology, work and lifestyle choices come together in perfect harmony

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March 13, 2018 at 04:29PM

Kodak NEXFINITY – More than just a new paint job?

On February 28th to March 1st, during Oscar week in Rochester NY, Kodak opened the Kodak Center to 250 printers, distributors, media, designers and publishers. With an unbelievably warm 60-degree winter day in Western NY, Kodak hosted over two days of product session, industry speakers and customer panels. Attendees would hear firsthand about new product […] March 12, 2018 at 08:49PM http://ift.tt/2qJu0CO

Claranet inaugurates €1M refurbished cybersecurity hub in Carnaxide

Claranet inaugurates €1M refurbished cybersecurity hub in Carnaxide


Today, highly-accredited cloud hosting company Claranet inaugurates a cybersecurity hub in Carnaxide after investing €1 million in the tech center project.

Claranet unveils its newly refurbished cybersecurity hub including a new Security Operations Center (SOC) in Carnaxide, which will provide a more complete, integrated and differentiated monitoring to its customers.

This new SOC is the result of an investment of €600K (excluding Human Resources) and will have a team of 16 employees.

The refurbishment of the cybersecurity hub – a project in which Claranet invested €1 million – follows the 2017 acquisition of ITEN Solutions, the largest M&E operation in Portugal in the Information Technology area.

cybersecurity carnaxide
António Miguel Ferreira

“Cybersecurity is a key component of Claranet’s offering, which complements our portfolio of IT on premises services in an external Datacenter or public cloud,” said António Miguel Ferreira, Managing Director at Claranet Portugal.

“We believe that we are the best-positioned service provider in Portugal to support our customers in the transition to more efficient IT management models, given our focus on providing Datacenter and Cloud services since 2005, areas in which which Gartner has considered us as European leaders for five consecutive years, leveraging our strong presence in the most traditional on-premises IT, as a result of the acquisition of the largest national integrator in 2017, ITEN Solutions,” he added.

The SOC, which results from the company’s strategic focus on cybersecurity, will monitor the customer platforms that hire this service 24-hours-a-day, every day of the year while detecting incidents or potential security threats and intervening to resolve them.

This includes not only internal platforms (firewalls, directories, routers, etc.), but also external risks will be monitored by analyzing thousands of sources on the internet, social networks and the dark and ​​deep web.

According to the Claranet Research Report 2017/2018, Cyber​security is one of the top priorities of national and international enterprise.

Read More: Sonae, Portugal Ventures pour €1.9M into cybersecurity startup Jscrambler

cybersecurity carnaxide
Pedro Barbosa

“Organizations nowadays face the great challenge of effectively protecting themselves against ever more complex cyber threats from evolved and resourceful opponents. Claranet Security’s e-business strategy for its customers relies on continuous monitoring 24/7, with detection of possible intrusions, devices infected with malware, detection of copies of the organization’s website, exposed credentials, mentions in the deep & dark web, among other cyber risks,” said Pedro Barbosa, Head of Cybersecurity at Claranet Portugal.

The investment into refurbishing the cybersecurity hub and launching the SOC allows for:

  • Consolidating the operations teams of the company’s various business units in the same location (Hosting, Networks, Technology, Workplace, Business Applications, Public Cloud and Cybersecurity).
  • Launching the new SOC (Security Operations Center).
  • Increasing the capacity of the Training Center by initiating the ‘Claranet University’ program, which aims to develop IT skills for early or transition professionals.
  • Creating the necessary conditions for the opening of the ‘Cloud Center of Excellence’, which intends to strengthen the company’s position in the domestic and Latin American market in the strategic area of ​​cloud service delivery.

“We want to become, in three years, one of the leading providers of cybersecurity solutions in Europe, just as we are in the areas of managed hosting and public coud,” added Ferreira.

Since the beginning of last year, Claranet, which operates in the cloud area, has invested €15 million in the area of ​​cybersecurity in countries such as Portugal, England and France, according to Jornal de Negocios.

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March 12, 2018 at 05:46PM

How is Your Firm Leveraging Data?

Dealer surveys and in-depth interviews continue to be a resource for insights into the channel. According to our past two State of the Channel annual dealer surveys, we heard that sales staff’s ability to sell solutions, price margins and generating new leads have been top challenges dealers face in growing their business today. We believe […] March 12, 2018 at 05:18PM http://ift.tt/2qJu0CO

Le meilleur outil pour exécuter votre to do management !


Quel est le meilleur gestionnaire de to-do ? On vit dans un monde de to do. Tout le monde a des problèmes de gestion du temps et de l’info et pour ne rien oublier on note tout. Mais noter n’est pas faire. Une liste, c’est pas une action effectuée. Comment s’assurer qu’au lieu de se contenter de faire des liste vous organisez effectivement votre delivery.

March 12, 2018 at 08:13AM https://youtube.com/playlist?list=UU-0yfdIcyaOgjGg8NCz6EUQ

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